Les Clefs dfOr Japan 10th Anniversary Party

The festive occasion was started with 8 guests, 10 members and approximately 100 members from JCA.

Speech from Mr. Mitsuo Shimada, General Manager of Le Meridien Grand Pacific Tokyo.

Mr. Shimada thanked LCDJ and JCA for choosing Le Meridien Grand Pacific Tokyo (Daiba) for choosing his hotel as a place to host the 10th Anniversary / Year-End Parties.

Speech from Mr. Philippe Muller, President of Les Clefs d'Or Japan

Mr. Muller spoke about the founding of LCDJ. He said that he aims to support LCDJ and improve it even further.

Speech from Ms. Momoko ONO, Founder President of Les Clefs d'Or Japan

Momo san spoke about the founding of LCDJ. She recalled the days when there were only about four members. She also recalled first meeting Christian Sussman and how he taught her how a concierge should "sing and dance."

Speech from Mr. Christian Sussmann, Asian Zone Director

Mr. Sussmann thanked everyone for their attendance and congratulated LCDJ on their 10 year anniversary.

Speech from Mr. Jerry Soh, LCDJ Godfather

Mr. Soh recalled the days when Momo san and Etsuko san talked about how difficult it would be to become an independent branch of LCD, and how he always told them "Nothing is impossible." He thanked the management of each hotel for their continued support of LCDJ.

Les Clefs d'Or Japan History Slide Show About 100 slides have shown and we realized what we had done for 10 years.

Ceremony All of General Manager received the 10th Anniversary present (Riedler glass & SHIORI)

Message from Higashide san Higashide san thanked the cooperate members for their continued support of LCDJ.

Master of ceremony: Etsuko Higashide
Guest relations: Mayako Sumiyoshi, Akane Tanaka, Kay Abe
LCDJ sub committee for JCA: Ikuyo Takeuchi
Report: Masumi Tajima
Entry Date: December 12, 2007



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