Les Clefs dfOr Japanfs Concierge Guide to Place of Interests in Kanazawa

Kanazawa, a castle town with an atmosphere that remains as it was during the Han era. We would like to introduce you to some fascinating spots that maintain the old tradition of Japan. You might be able to find an unexpected seen while walking along the back streets of this castle town. There are many buses and sight-seeing taxies that can get you around Kanazawa.(Japanese only)


Originated more than 300 years ago during the Maeda Clan, in the Edo period. It is one of the best daimyo gardens, and one of the three most famous gardens in Japan. You can enjoy the Japanese atmosphere of its beautiful landscape at any time of the season.

From March1st to Oct.15th open daily 7:00-18:00, the rest of the year 8:00-16:30
Admission: adults 300yen, seniors 65years and over free (ID required), children age 6-18 100yen
Located 15 minuets by car from the hotel.


The castle of the Maeda Clan. Many of the buildings were burned down in repeated fires, but several structures such as the Ishikawa Gate and Sanjikken Nagaya are still standing to this day. The new symbol of the castle gojikken Nagaya and some other parts were restored and can be observed.

From March1st to Oct.15th open daily 7:00-18:00, the rest of the year 8:00-16:30
Admission: Free of charge (Gojikken Nagaya, Hishi Yagura, Hashizume-mon, Tuszuki yagura: adults 300yen, children age 6-18 100yen 9:00-16:30)
Located 15 minuets by car from the hotel. Across the Kenrokuen-Garden.

21st Century Museum of Contemporary Art

A modern museum located near Kenrokuen-Garden. This museum is one of the worldfs most advanced art museum. It allow you not only to look at modern art from all over the world, but also to experience it. Inside the round building there are exhibitions halls, shops, a library, and restrant.

Exhibition zone: Open from 10:00-18:00(Friday and Saturday 10:00-20:00)
Free zone: Open from 9:00-22:00
Closed on Monday (or next day when Monday is a holiday) and Dec.29st-Jan.3rd
Located 15 minuets by car from the hotel.

Naga-machi Buke Yashiki Ruins

The naga-machi area is known as samurai district. You can walk through the area that brings to mind the streetscape of the samurai days. There are samurai residences such as the Nomura residence and museums such as the ShiniseKinenkanMuseum. You can also find gift shops and fine pottery.

Nomura residence: April-Sept. open 8:30-17:30, Oct.-March 8:30-16:30 Closed: Dec.30,31
Admission: adults 500yen, high school students 400yen, junior high students and younger 250yen
Located 10 minuets by car from the hotel.

Higashi Chaya District

Known as the Geisha district. Its streetscape has maintained the atmosphere of the feudal period. You Can see and experience the traditional culture of Kanazawa. Shima is a national important cultural asset. Each building in this district may look alike but every shop is different. There are traditional craft shops, tea shops, and resutrants.

Shima: open 9:00-18:00Admission: High school students and older 400yen, younger 300yen
Located 10 minuets by car from the hotel.

Omi-cho Market

A market with a history of 290years.This market consists of 170 shops selling fresh sea food, vegetables and etc. There are also restaurants that sea food and sushi.

Open:8:00-18:00(depending on shops) Closed: national holidays(depending on shops)
Located about 5 minuets by car from the hotel or 15minuets by foot.

Entry Date: June 15, 2009



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