The 6th Asian Congress in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

The 6th Asian Congress was held on Aug. 6th to 9th 2009, hosted by Les Clefs dfOr Malaysia.  A grand total of about 100 members from 11 countries, which included Australia, came together at Prince Hotel & Residence in Malaysia.


Before the welcome Reception on Aug.6th, a Board of Directors Meeting was held between 12 noon and 16:00 pm at the ball room.  Zone Directors, Country Presidents, and leaders from 11 countries attended.  Mr. Collin Toomey, the 3rd Vice President also joined and expressed his appreciation for organizing the Congress. Members and Spouses joined a group for a Kuala Lumpur City tour.   


The welcome reception of the Congress opened its doors an hour late.  It opened with the word of gSalamat Datangh by Ragu, President of Les Clefs dfOr Malaysia. Also, a Representative of the Malaysian Tourism Board gave the welcoming address and opened the Congress by beating a gong.


Our second day started with a full day of presentations by 9 countries. Country Presidents and members reported on the gUpdate of Tourism and Hospitality Industryh of each country.  There were many beautiful video scenes.  Japan also presented a report with Power-point and DVD for 20 minutes and explained the concept behind the Japan Tourism Agency which was created in 2008 and which is conducting a campaign named gVisit Japan-Yokoso Japan. h  At the end of the day, we were invited to a BBQ dinner at an amusement park named Lagoon.


On the third day of Aug. 8th, members divided in 6 groups and had a group discussion about gSolidarity of Asia. h  Later we tried to find gHowh & gWhath for the theme, and we also exchanged our findings through presentations in the afternoon.  The main conclusion was that we should ghave good and frequent communicationh by Internet, e-mail, etc.


The final evening came to a close with a Gala Party Dinner.  It started with an official ceremony.  We all had a good time and enjoyed fun and games and a unique show.  By the conclusion of the congress, we felt strongly that gwe are one family. h


The final day started with a Malacca tour for those who could take part, departing on the time of the departure flight.  3 Japanese delegates joined the tour and we also enjoyed a lunch together and the singing of Country songs such Sukiyaki Song by the Japanese delegates at a Malay restaurant in the afternoon.  It was an honour that Mr. Collin Toomey also accompanied us all the way through this congress.


With our saying g See you again, h the 6th Asian Congress came to a conclusion.  We all have wonderful and enjoyable memories of our time in Malaysia.



Etsuko Higashide
President of Les Clefs dfOr Japan / Chef Concierge

Hotel New Grand


Entry Date: September 15, 2009



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