Message from Japan!

Dear our friends and colleagues around the world 


On behalf of the Japanese section I wish to share a warm hello to all of our friends and colleagues around the world!  As the newly elected President of the Japanese section, I want to start by thanking all of you for your support from all over the world.


It is now just over a month since the earthquake and tsunami hit the coast of Tohoku region in Japan. We are very grateful for the generous contributions and support that we have received from our friends and colleagues all over the world. The outpouring of encouragement and solidarity that we have received from the global community has encouraged us to put all of our efforts into recovery.


We at Les Clefs dfOr Japan will continue to distribute the latest detailed and accurate information about travel to Japan.  Most regions of Japan were unaffected by the earthquake, and we invite you to see the present condition of Japan for yourselves. We hope the worldfs media and tourism professionals will visit Japan and observe first-hand how Japan is still a unique and attractive travel destination.  We continue to welcome visitors from all over the world with an unchanging spirit of hospitality, as we have always done.


We thank all of you again for your messages of encouragement, prayers, and support that are helping our nation recover from this disaster.


We all look forward to seeing all of you at the London Congress in 2012.


In Service Through Friendship,



Masumi Tajima

President, Les Clefs dfOr Japan

Chief Concierge

Mandarin Oriental, Tokyo

Entry Date: April 30, 2011



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