Petit Tour in June "Japanese Culture Experience"

Japanese Culture Experience



During a brief break in the rainy season when the beautiful hydrangeas are fully blooming, we have been experienced Japanese culture.


The Japan Ceramics Club since nearly 45 years, with the support of many renowned Tea Masters, Cultural and Business leaders, is the place for everyone to enjoy pottery in the corner of the Togo Shrine in Harajuku, one of Japanfs leading fashion city.


We learned the history of Japan's unique pottery that was deeply related with Tea Culture, then we challenged ORIBE YAKI, a famous pottery of the very traditional but novelty designs. Although we worked in serious look, the atmosphere was warm and smooth.We really enjoyed it.


It takes almost a month to complete but we look forward to seeing our personal work.

There are special courses provided for visitors, so please be free to contact us if you are interested in learning Japanese pottery art.

                                                                Teacher Ms Kurihara搶.jpg


                                                                                        Wait for a month!   DSC03141.jpg                                                       Reported by Ikuyo Takeuchi on 2011/06/15

Entry Date: June 25, 2011



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